Phi Surfaces: Infinite beauty, low crystalline silica content


A revolutionary way of printing

PHI TBP reaches a milestone in the stone sector as the first surface with a hybrid pattern transfer system. On one hand, the full-body performance achieved during the pressing process of the slabs, and subsequently, the generated patterns printed on the surface through the exclusive Nano-Ink Technology that give the slab a new and revolutionary fourth dimension.

Under high temperatures and pressures, Nano-Ink Technology penetrates the surface of PHI slabs, creating a four-dimensional effect and providing authenticity to the patterns. Preceding generations of engineered stones limited the pattern only to the top of the surface, while our unique and revolutionary technology injects the ink up to 1 mm into the surface, enhancing color stability, and providing increased scratch resistance.


Unsurpassable high-definition sharpness of print with neat lines, which are clear and impeccably delineated.
Deep visual strength in each pattern.

Depth And

Supreme authenticity in appearance without compromise.
Thanks to an even purer translucency, it provides each pattern with a deeper visual strength.


Color remains unchanged and stable over time without losing intensity.
Better light reflection, brightness and clarity in colors than any other engineered stone available. Non-yellowing white backgrounds.


Nano-INK technology injects the ink up to 1mm under the surface avoiding the drawbacks of printing a pattern that is limited to the top surface only. This drastically improves the stability of colors, creates a deep 4D effect, and provides better resistance to scratches.

True Natural

Amazing light reflection, color brightness and high definition in every pattern create realistic details for a natural appearance.


PHI 4R FULLBODY technology achieves a full-body performance of the slabs, authentically replicating the 3D effect found in natural stones. This significantly simplifies the manufacturing process; the color and pattern run through the entire thickness of the slabs, allowing for flawless edge finishes without the need for mitering.

Less than 20% of crystalline silica
Up to 70% of recycled materials

Discover the engineered printed stone leader in the industry.


Phi printed surfaces feature the first hybrid material in the kitchen countertops industry that incorporates 70% recycled components, reduces crystalline silica to less than 20% and keeps the surfaces stain-free with minimal maintenance.

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